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In 2004, Donald Trump proposed to Melania Knauss, the Slovenian born model he met in 1998, with an engagement ring worth a reported $1.5 million —although he got it half off in exchange for product placement on The Apprentice. They were married a year later and t he 13-carat emerald-cut diamond continues to take up serious real estate on the First Lady’s ring online shop for wedding rings

However, your proposal doesn’t have to be as elaborate (or expensive) as you may think. While many couples (22 percent) are more inclined to propose while on vacation, American Express found that 16 percent set up a romantic at-home proposal or pop the question over a special meal (7 percent). Use the money saved from staying in and pay off a little more of that ring right away and interest-free.

Also, do you have two or three recommendations for reputable jewelers who can do re-sizing of diamond rings? Fiance and I are anxious about whether you can be sure you will get back the sized ring with the diamond that you purchased. There really aren’t assurances that the stone won’t be switched unless you do a grading/valuation every time you send the ring to be cleaned or re-sized. Would love to get your take on this.

Platinum was a popular metal for jewelry until the 20th century, when the metal was taken off the market for military use during wartime. That gives you a sense of how durable platinum is — it’s shiny and beautiful, but it’s also a workhorse. In the past couple of decades, platinum has reappeared as a top choice for engagement rings and other jewelry.

Another thing to consider above and beyond size/style/metal that most do not really comment on it the height of the ring. I saw a ring on this site in the vintage rings that took my breath away, I loved it immediately. MJChristensen Las Vegas engagement rings That is until I clicked on the side view. While it was breathtaking when viewed from above, I know that I could never personally wear it because the setting was way too tall for my preference/lifestyle.

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