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SEO Company Explains On and Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Any reputable SEO Company that it is comprised of two major components:

a. On Page – the content on your website and how it is arranged

b. Off Page – who links to your website In order to rank well, you only need to be better optimized than your competition. In a low competition market it is possible to rank a website with good On Page SEO only. The more competitive your market place, the more you will need to rely on Off Page SEO to help you rank. The information presented in the following pages is based upon several studies on websites in the UK and the US. I have pooled data from my own results and also included tests from my peers and from Search Metrics results. For reference, the results shown have been accumulated from over a thousand websites, each with a different class C i.p. address and hosted on different servers.

2. On Page SEO

On Page SEO is defined by the multiple elements on your website that are in your control and that can be changed. Optimizing the following will make it easier for the search engines to index your content and understand what your website is about.

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